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"I don't like a quiet life!"

From a very early age, in my bedroom with my radio blasting out the great divas of jazz, I dreamed of being ... an air hostess! Until I was 6 when I realized I could actually sing a bit. And thank goodness I could, as it became apparent years later that I wasn't so keen on flying - and that packing all my clothes into one cabin sized bag is impossible!

At 15, having bagged the standard Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music certificates in Piano, Flute and Singing (classic teenage girl combo), I found myself working as a professional vocalist on various projects from performing and song-writing to backing vocals and studio sessions.

After a brief stint in Ireland, where I wrongly assumed my title as 'Vocal Entertainer' would be more about singing and less about bingo calling, I returned to the UK and quickly went from one half of a pub duo to a graduate of The London School of Musical Theatre. Professional acting credits were to follow with performances at small yet renowned London theatres The Old Vic, The Kings Head and The Cochrane, plus critically acclaimed roles in the No.1 UK Tour of Over The Rainbow and the world premiere of one-woman play Still Waiting For Everything, both with guitar in hand (which you'll note I didn't mention above as I learnt it just for these roles and it hasn't been reprised since!)

Not content with trekking up and down the country staying in dodgy digs whilst working the theatre circuit, I set upon trekking up and down the country staying in dodgy digs with some of the best bands on the function circuit. Performing for celebrities as diverse as The Sultan of Brunai, Prince Charles, Chris Tarrant, Ken Livingstone and Jack Dee prepared me only slightly for the toughest audience of all ... children.

Since motherhood commenced 13 years ago, I have discovered I am actually extremely multi-talented - able to sing, dance, act and song-write, ALL whilst cooking for a fussy child with one hand and emailing an agent with the other! So apt was I that I went on to have another one and inherited a teenage stepson too. (I dont like a quiet life!) And as the fruits of my labour, literally, deserve more of my time and energy, I find myself returning to my roots and to my radio to concentrate on my fourth (and final!) baby - The Rockabellas.


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