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First, choose your theme...

Bring out the flapper in you and head back to the roaring twenties for your speakeasy style great Gatsby themed party! From cheeky Charlestoning to swell singing, WITH ALL THE GLITZ AND GLAM WE CAN POSSIBLY MUSTER, we've got just what you need if you're thinking of Putting on the Ritz! NOW ISN'T THAT DE-LOVELY!

Chocs away! be sure to tear up the ration card when it comes to entertainment at your toe-tapping tea dance or swinging soiree! In military uniform, sailor girl outfits or stunning 1940'S dresses, we'll be sure to get you well and truly In The Mood for your fabulous forties party!  #simply spiffing!    

CAN'T CHOOSE A FAVOURITE DECADE? have them all! Let us take you on a musical journey which starts in the thick of the prohibition era, takes you through the victory years then ROLLS right on into the hot rodder times! But let's not stop there, we've a whole heap of 'post modern jukebox' style remixes, mASHINg UP the old and the new in seamless, timeless style!

Next, choose your line up...

Our pop-up performances are a big hit at open-air festivals & large-scale public events where we roam the site singing 'a capella' (without backing) to pockets of people as we go. The performances require no power as we bring our portable record player on a trolley which is perfectly pimped for that vintage va va voom!

our stage show is the perfect option for corporate dinners, weddings, private parties, cabaret venues and all other functions. using high end bespoke backing tracks recorded with live instrumentation, our own technician supplying top spec sound & lighting equipment tailored to the requirements of your event, this option will ensure you have a magical night to remember!

our live band 'the rockafellas' COME AS A 3PC BRASS SECTION, A 6PC SLIMLINE SWING BAND OR A FULLBlOWN 9PC MINI BIG BAND! dressed in suits and spats, WITH BANTER AND CHOREOGRAPHY TO BOOT, these dapper chaps add a real wow factor to an already exciting stage show, perfect for larger parties, open air events and theatres. 

Need a DJ too? Want us to perform with your big band?

have something completely different in mind?!

let us create the perfect package for you!

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