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"Even my tantrums were near on pitch perfect"

It’s a good job you can sing Katy, because you can't do much else!" - The wise words of my Father.

For as long as I can remember I’ve had a real passion for music - even my childhood tantrums were near on pitch perfect (I was modest even then!) Throughout school I found myself studying Violin, Viola and Piano and despite the lure of teenage boys, and my fave tipple Malibu, I went on to perform for the Hampshire County Youth Orchestra before embarking on a military career with a successful audition into the Royal Marines Band Service as a Musician.

Sadly, my dream of a career in the military was short lived - 3 stress fractures to the pelvis can have that effect! How did I manage to do that I hear you ask? Well not by playing an instrument I can assure you… turns out basic training was a tad harder than I first thought!

And so my professional career as a vocalist began, performing in the showcast at a south coast holiday resort before becoming lead vocalist and band leader at Warner Leisure Hotels resort in Somerset (famous for To The Manor Born). Then arose an opportunity too unique to pass up… I auditioned and was accepted into the Royal Army Corps of Music as the first ever (EVER!) Contemporary Vocalist - yep I’m pretty proud of that! However during my second attempt at basic training, I decided a military life wasn’t for me after all and so I hung up my muddy boots once more.

Back on the professional circuit, I was invited to become the party band vocalist on board P&O cruises’ brand new flagship The Britannia, where I lived, performed and travelled the world for its maiden year at sea. After the excitement of performing to thousands of guests each week, and the bonus of filming for Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway 2016 advert, the time was right for me to continue my career back on dry land.

Since shaking off my sea legs, I’ve been performing for countless private and corporate events both nationally and internationally, and was honoured to open and close the UK Cruise Awards 2017 Ceremony in London. I now find myself going full circle wearing military uniform and enjoying a cheeky malibu with the girls once again - only this time as a Rockabella...and without a press up in sight!

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