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"I don't do things by halves"

Let me tell you from the outset - I don't do things by halves.

I guess that would explain that when my passion for music was first billed 'serious,' having begun classical training across a range of disciplines at the age of 4, it wasn't long before I was balancing homework with singing, piano, suzuki violin, dance and drama!

It was a natural progression that I headed from school to study a Vocal Diploma at The Italia Conti Academy of Performing Arts in London, but that wasn’t enough to satisfy my passion for music (or for letters after my name) so I journeyed 'oop north' to Leeds College of Music to bag myself a BA in Popular Music Studies followed by a Masters in A Cappella Vocal Arranging!

Well equipped with the paperwork side, I was all set to start gathering up my practical experience. And who knew I was about to hit the BIG TIME... singing for a range of celebrity Christmas cards for Hallmark!   

But as Winter melted away, along with my hopes of an Easter range which never quite materialised, I dreamed of greater musical credibility! Spring arrived in the form of invitations to perform at many renowned venues such as Ronnie Scotts, Hammersmith Apollo, The London O2, Manchester MEN, Jazz Café, 606 Club and The Liverpool Echo Arena, which allowed me to blossom (see what I did there!) into the performer I am today.

As things got hot in my career, I found myself on a world tour with The Australian Pink Floyd Show performing in countless arenas across Europe, America and Canada, and after a fabulous career performing for and with some of the greatest artists of today, I have delightfully found myself drawn by fate (and the strong scent of perfume!) to the gorgeous Rockabellas, performing the close harmonies I studied and fell in love with all those years ago...
and getting another exciting career move under my slightly more sinched in belt! 

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